Why Note Fifteen?

Why are we called Note Fifteen?

At Note Fifteen, our name is more than just a label—it’s a symbol of our approach to marketing.

Picture a blues musician, deeply engrossed in their art. As they reach the 15th bar, a critical decision point emerges; it’s the moment to choose where the music will go next, to resolve or to leave lingering. This is where we see ourselves in your marketing journey.

Just like that 15th bar is a pivotal moment in a blues song, we are the strategic partner at your side when your business is at a crossroads. We’re here to guide you, whether it’s refining your current strategy or boldly venturing into new territory.

With Note Fifteen, you’re choosing a team that values authenticity, emotion, and the decisive action that defines successful marketing campaigns.

Andy Roberts is the head of Note Fifteen. He is a Software Engineer with an MBA building good things for the world.

YC Alum W15

Andy is dedicated to making a positive impact. He is passionate about creating new and helpful ideas that benefit everyone in society. He has a long track record of building creative solutions at scale. He uses his technical skills and entrepreneurial mindset to consistently come up with new and exciting technologies that solve difficult problems.

Andy is a leader in his field and his expertise helps him drive his team to be excellent. He creates an environment where everyone works together and has great ideas. Andy pays attention to all the little details and knows a lot about technology. This means that projects he works on at Note Fifteen are done well. Andy is making a big difference and will be remembered for his work in the software engineering industry.